Be a Pro Photographer.
Using Just Your Phone.

Make extra cash as a pro phone portrait photographer (weddings coming soon). All you need is the Cheezoo app and the camera on your phone!

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Check out the details of your favorite photographer
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We’ll teach you the Three Pillars of phone photography – light, composition, and emotion! You can begin to Learn Photography here on our site, and then from tips and tricks on our social media channels!


You focus on the photography, and we’ll drive customers to you. Your clients will find you by searching for photographers on the Cheezoo app!

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Book an affordable photographer with Cheezoo


Your clients can learn about you on your custom Cheezoo website! You can even customize the link to your site with your name, like!


You’ll always know when you’re photographing your next photo shoot with a quick glance at your calendar.

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search for photography jobs

Search for Jobs

You don’t have to wait for potential clients to find you! Search through publicly listed photo shoots for opportunities that match your preferences!


All communication with your clients can be handled via Chat in the Cheezoo app!

cheezoo chat feature
cheezoo payment processing

Payment Processing

Get paid through the Cheezoo app! Your clients pay for your photography through the Cheezoo app, and we pay you once you’ve delivered finished images to your clients!

Shot List

The shot list feature in Cheezoo will allow you to plan ahead for the important shots during your client’s photo shoot, and then you can check off those shots as you photograph them!

Shot list for photo session
Weather details in Cheezoo


Stay aware of weather conditions and plan for the most beautiful pictures possible with detailed weather forecasting for your photo shoot in the Cheezoo app!


Would you like your images to have a professional finish? Cheezoo offers editing of your images for just $.22 per image! Just pick from one of 5 Cheezoo Editing Styles, and we’ll edit your images for you before you deliver them to your clients!

Example of editing styles you can choose from the Cheezoo editing service
Gallery of images in Cheezoo


The Cheezoo app provides a simple way to deliver images to your clients after the photo shoot. Your clients can view, order prints, and download images from their gallery.

Print Sales

With the Cheezoo app, your clients and their loved ones can easily order affordable high-quality prints from their photo shoot. And you earn extra cash!

order prints through Cheezoo

Watch Apps

We provide both Apple and Android Cheezoo watch apps that synchronize with the Cheezoo iOS and Android phone apps to provide you basic information about your photo shoots, and enable you to check shots off the Shot List during your photo shoot!

How much does Cheezoo cost the photographer?

Despite all the incredible features, we’re keeping our services extremely affordable! Cheezoo charges:

• $14.99/mo for the Cheezoo Photographer Subscription (first 3 months FREE!)
• 15% commission from your portrait session fee and print sales

Are you ready to be a photographer?

Just click the button below to learn the next steps and download the app!

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