Episode 5: I Wish I Knew: The Importance of Patience – Jenn & Ro

I Wish I Knew: The Importance of Patience

If you’re just getting started in the photography industry, it can feel overwhelming to look out at the sea of talent that exists. Maybe you’ve spent time scrolling through social media accounts and websites, trying to figure out what you need to make your business thrive like other people have, or perhaps you’ve set the expectation to be an overnight success.

In Episode 5 of The Noobie Podcast, husband and wife team, Jenn & Ro, chat about the time it has taken to really understand that patience is at the heart of a successful photography business. While the overnight success stories surely draw a crowd, it’s those who have been patient with themselves, put in the work, ignored everyone else, and have created a personalized experience for their clients that really know what it means to build a business from the ground up. Tune in as we discuss comparison, targeting your ideal clients, and so much more!

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Show Notes

Jenn & Ro’s introduction (1:00)

Jenn & Ro’s photography business background (1:37)

How many weddings do Jenn & Ro average in a season? (2:19)

What is the one big concept Jenn & Ro wish they knew when they started their photography business? (4:22)

What was the turning point where Jenn & Ro reached a patience mindset? (6:54)

3 Steps to Implement Patience in Your Business (9:38)
1. Stop comparing yourself to others
2. Target your idea client and know that they will find you
3. Recognize this isn’t an overnight change


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