For compelling portraits, authentic emotion is key! Encouraging genuine expressions, even from less familiar subjects, is relatively simple! Explore our tips below to capture real emotion in your portraits!

Bring Incredible Energy

To capture genuine smiles in your subjects, it’s crucial to show your own excitement and positive energy during the photoshoot. Check out this video to learn more about bringing great energy to your sessions for beautiful, natural portraits.

Compliment Like Crazy

One of the easiest ways to encourage a genuine smile from someone is to compliment them! Find things that you love about your subjects’ outfits, their hair, their eyes, their smile – and tell them in the most energetic, sincere way possible! Watch the video to learn more.

Ask About Favorites

You know how it is: someone asks you about your favorite people, your favorite things, or your favorite experiences – and you can’t help but smile! You can bring that same experience to your subjects during the portrait sessions you photograph. Check out the video to learn more!

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