Good portraits start with good light, and there are a few, simple lighting techniques that will immediately enable you to capture beautiful portraits with your phone’s camera! Scroll below to learn more!

Use Open Shade

Soft, even light on your subjects’ faces will enable you to create beautiful, flattering portraits! And that beautiful light can most easily be found in open shade. Watch the video for more details!

Use Directional Light

Use a clear and attention-grabbing short paragraph to engage your audience and draw them into reading the rest of your content. Check out the video to learn more!

Use Backlight

Backlight or rim light is a next-level lighting technique commonly seen in movies (look for it the next time you watch your favorite movie!), but it can also help you create next-level portraits with your phone’s camera! It’s a powerful technique that will make your subjects glow! Watch the video to learn how!

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